Insider 20: Innovating in the Electricity Market

The National Electricity Market was conceived and designed around twenty years ago.  At the time, it was a small miracle of both technical and institutional innovation.  Like Ford’s model T, it’s been tweaked in many ways since then but under the hood it remains much as it always has been.  It is badly in need of an update to deal with the world as it will soon become.

The challenges are known – the rise of distributed generation and storage, the impact of government policy on renewables and emissions, customer incentives created by skyrocketing retail electricity tariffs and the challenges all this poses for established networks, generation, retailers and customers.  AEMC and AEMO are busy peering into this uncertain future and contemplating responses.

In this Insider article Hugh Bannister, Chairman and CEO of IES and an old hand in the market,  lists his Top Seven desirable fixes.

To read this article, please download the PDF version from the link below.

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